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89.5 KQAL FM
Sounds of Cinema is produced at the studios of 89.5 KQAL and broadcast every Sunday at 4pm. 

89.7 KMSU FM
Sounds of Cinema began as "Maverick at the Movies" and 89.7 KMSU FM "The Maverick" has continued to broadcast and support this show.  

Sounds of Cinema on Facebook
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Box Office Mojo
A source for the box office performance of films past and present.

Movie Clips
A website of moveclips and trailers.

DVD Release Dates
A database of recent and upcoming DVD releases.

Internet Movie Database
This is probably the most comprehensive database of films and filmmakers on the web. 

Rotten Tomatoes
This site is primarily a database of film reviews. The site collects film reviews and ranks them on a "tomatometer" that judges whether the films are "fresh" or "rotten."


Film Music

Film Score Monthly
A publication focusing on film music.
A site featuring news, reviews, and score analysis. 

Soundtrack Collector
A useful resource for soundtrack collectors, including information on various editions.


Film News

A.V. Club
News and reviews on film and other media.

Deadline Hollywood
A source of Hollywood studio news.
Affiliated with AMC, this website features a lot of great articles about the history of cinema.

High-Def Digest
News and reviews of Blu-Ray discs and related technology.

A source for news about independent film.

Studio Briefing 
A daily news update used for the Sounds of Cinema news segment. 

The website for the industry magazine.


Friends of Sounds of Cinema 

Art Beat
A regular radio program on KQAL that focuses on local artists.

The Frye 
The official band of Sounds of Cinema, this Mankato-based band plays regular gigs in the area. 

The Five Count
Named the funniest radio show in Southern Minnesota, check out their website for clips, updates, and polls.

Shuffle Function
89.7 KMSU FM's morning show, and the most popular morning show in southern Minnesota.