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Cannibal Holocaust


October 18, 2010


Science Lab Auditorium
Winona State University

On October 18, 2010, Sounds of Cinema sponsored a screening of Cannibal Holocauston the Winona State University campus. 

Cannibal Holocaust tells the story of a group of documentary filmmakers who have disappeared in the Amazon. An anthropologist travels into the jungle to recover their remains but in the process he makes a terrible discovery that will challenge everything he--and the audience--believe about documentary filmmaking, the limits of human cruelty, and even the nature of civilization itself. Censored, banned, and even legally prosecuted all over the world, Cannibal Holocaust is one of the most notorious and most fiercely debated films of all time.

A panel discussion featuring faculty members of the Winona State English Department followed the Cannibal Holocaust screening. To download the audio, click here.

To read an essay on the meaning and significance of Cannibal Holocaust, click here

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